Three Times A Charm with Nathan Bransford

Three Times a Charm is a weekly feature that spotlights authors, illustrators, bloggers, agents, editors or promoters from the publishing industry.

This week we are joined by Nathan Bransford. I confess to a bit of a fangirl crush on Nathan. I’m such a huge fan! Nathan is an ex-agent, fantastic blogger and newly published author. Here’s more on Nathan:

Nathan Bransford is the author of JACOB WONDERBAR AND THE COSMIC SPACE KAPOW, which was published by Dial Books for Young Readers in May 2011. He was formerly a literary agent with Curtis Brown Ltd., but is now a publishing civilian working in the tech industry. He lives in San Francisco.

My dad lives in San Fransicso, how come we’ve never run into each other?

Nathan, please tell us more about your new book.

Jacob Wonderbar has been the bane of every substitute teacher at Magellan Middle School ever since his dad moved away from home. He never would have survived without his best friend Dexter, even if he is a little timid, and his cute-but-tough friend Sarah Daisy, who is chronically overscheduled.

But when the trio meets a mysterious man in silver they trade a corn dog for his sassy spaceship and blast off into the great unknown. That is, until they break the universe in a giant space kapow and a nefarious space buccaneer named Mick Cracken maroons Jacob and Dexter on a tiny planet that smells like burp breath. The friends have to work together to make it back to their little street where the houses look the same, even as Earth seems farther and farther away.

Jacob Wonderbar and his escapades sounds hysterical! I can’t wait to read it.

Now, for the Threes. Share with us your top 3’s to help us know you a little better.

  • Top 3 pieces of advice for people just starting in your business.
-         Do your research!
-         Make friends with other writers, their advice and support will be invaluable
-         Make sure you’re stopping to enjoy every step along the way

  • Top 3 leisure activities.
-         Travel
-         Skiing
-         Drinking coffee

  • Top 3 songs on your play list.
-         “Tree By the River,” Iron & Wine
-         “In California,” Neko Case
-         “Take This Song,” Stringer Belle

I’ve always, always admired two things in Nathan. His ability to get A LOT done in one day and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge on his fabulous blog. Nathan, for the five people out there who don’t already know about this, tell us where we can find info on your book and learn more of you and from you.

Thank you so much, Nathan, for visiting with us today. It has been a thrill hosting you on my blog.



  1. Very nice interview. I love hearing about other writers. Thanks, Kai and Nathan.


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